Video ThumbnailThe Bristol Beast and his minions specialise in inviting discerning music lovers to appreciate Techno, DnB and House in inclusive pop up sound lairs. Regularly collaborating with local artists for beautiful immersive feasts for the eyes and ears. Head to: to find out more about our community of DJ's, Designers, Creatives and Event Management. Showreel taken from Minotaur Sound #2 on 13/05/17 at Lakota. Featured Lee Williams, Denis Horvat, Ellis Odyssey, Ollie Norton (Nautz & Toppa), G Rowe, Kuba Drypher, Ori Tolkovsky (Orion), Sam Kaighin (Kagun) and Hugh Van Thomas (Peasoup). Also Naomi Bajina and her glitter and horned We Creatures collective (, Tom Gardner and his amazing lasers ( and Stefan Goodchild of Triple Geek Fame bringing in the LED light beauty. Credit to Thom Heald for this incredibly shot film. Go to: to explore more of his work.

Project Type: Event

Minotaur Sound

We had the opportunity to create an ambient lighting effect for Bristol based promoter Minotaur Sound. The chosen medium was laser 'lumia', a beautiful throw back to some of the optical effects first seen in the '70s. Clouds of swirling colour covered the walls and the eye-safe beams danced through the smokey atmosphere, bringing bringing some serious eye candy to their event at Lakota.

Video credit to Thom Heald for Minotaur Sound.

Service(s) Provided:

  • Lasers
  • Technical Direction


Minotaur Sound