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airdrawn is the alias of freelance technical & creative consultant Thomas Dow (né Gardner).

With roots set down in Bristol and experience working all over the UK and abroad, Tom is passionate about bringing ideas to life.

Clients include:



  1. Produce an image in the atmosphere; light manipulation by lamp or laser.


  1. The alias of freelance production manager and technician
    Thomas Dow (né Gardner).

Tom began working on events in the mid '00s with the stage crew at the University of Surrey Student's Union. As an all too obvious way of combining a passion for music and the arts with a self-confessed geeky side, a love for event production was kindled resulting in the alter-ego of Airdrawn after a move to Bristol a few years later.

Initially fulfilling a need for safe, HSG95 compliant laser show production in and around Bristol, Tom has since specialised in video, further production management using a 'black-book' of other industry professionals, and crewed for prestigious vendors such as PRG and Projection Artworks.

In late 2015, Tom was selected to take part in City Hack, an inter-city Apprentice style competition headed by Desperados and UKF. Whilst Bristol narrowly lost the crown to London, as the visual artist on the team Tom orchestrated some 'wish list' ideas: some of which are featured on the projects page.

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